One evening, Winnie the Pooh decided to make a video on “high-speed honey eating” for his YouTube channel.

It wasn't easy for Winnie, but he did his best to get ready for the shooting and had not eaten since the morning. Following our recommendations, Winnie put his iPhone on a tripod, turned all the lamps in the right direction, and put the most beautiful armchair in his bear lair against the cleanest wall. He moved his neat shelve stand closer and did a diligent job of arraying all his jars of honey, from the smallest to the largest. Then he made sure everything was in shot and looked nice, exhaled loudly and said, “Down with it!” He pressed the record button and started walking towards the chair.

What happened next will be endlessly discussed by historians at their seminars. For a long time, they'll keep on disputing the influence of this Winnie happenstance on the world history...

Winnie the Pooh stumbled with his arms spread wide and knocked off everything he had been preparing so carefully. As he was looking around at the shattered honey pots, tears of despair filled his eyes. He was about to open his mouth and let out a cry of despondency... But, even though Winnie was made from plush, he was a real man. He mustered up his will power, calmed down, and went for help to Christopher.

“Christopher, I wanted to shoot a video on high-speed honey eating, but I accidentally shattered all the honey pots. I'd like to keep this video, but I want it to look as if the pots are being assembled rather than shattered. Tell me, Christopher, how to reverse a video in the online movie maker?”

Reversing a video

“Look, Winnie, there's a simple and fast way to do this. You only need to take the following steps:"

  1. Upload the file
  2. Go to the video editor by selecting the newly uploaded file and clicking on the Edit button
  3. In the video editor, click the Revere button

And that's it. Now, when you click the Create Video button, the reversed video clip will be used.

Video tutorial

To always keep in mind how to reverse a video in the online movie maker, Winnie made this tutorial video.