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How to join video?

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This short instruction will help you to join videos quickly and for free.

Video editor and joiner application is not needed. Everything can be done online, without registration, without downloads of an infected pirated apps from unknown sources.

If after watching "how to join videos in the video editor" you have some questions you can check detailed step-by-step instructions below :)

1. Add files

Use free music collection to add music. For this lesson we chose Fleurie - Constellate.

Join video - add files

For example, let's look at how to join two videos:

Use the upload button to add video files from your computer or smartphone.

If the files are located on different devices, for example, one video is on a computer and the other is on an iPhone or Android, you will have to register - learn more about adding files.

2. Joining order

Join video - trim, cut, position

Use simple dragging to set the order of videos joining.

By default, all videos are joined together automatically lining up one after other. Set the position manually, specifying a pause or specific instant of appearance:

  1. Select a video.
  2. Click to enable hold position button .
  3. Drag the file to the right place - the video will take exactly the selected position.
  4. Click the hold position button again to return to automatic positioning.

If you want to trim a video or cut and mix pieces, use relevant editors with buttons:

  1. Choose video file.
  2. Press the trim or the cut button.

3. Join 2 videos with transitions

Join videos with transitions Join videos with transitions for each video

To join videos with transitions use "Appearing" and "Disappearing" parameters. Parameters can be set for the whole line and they will act on all video files are the same or per file separately, through a visual editor with the button :

The 'appearing' is responsible for how the element appears in the frame, the 'disappearing' is how the element leaves the frame.

In the parameters you can set:

How long will the transition last.
Where an object come from and where it goes.
The initial and final scale of the object.
The style of appearing and disappearing of an object.

4. Join two videos without transitions

Video joiner without transitions Video joiner without transitions per each file

To join video without transitions, set the duration of the "appearing" and "disappearing" parameters to 0.

Duration can be set for all files on the line or per each file separately in the visual editor with the button .

5. Joining and downloading

Video joining and downloading

When you’ve finished editing, click the make a video.

When the joining process is finished the video can be downloaded or published on the YouTube channel.