Thank you for visiting us! This short digital guide will tell you how to merge videos together online for free without downloading some pirate software from the unknown sources which may conclude viruses and trojans. Joining videos together online with the help of our movie editor is very, very easy - it will take you a little time and you will not have to make complicated actions or have special skills.

Video: How to join video

1. Add files

add files

Start your work with adding clips you want to merge - it can be done from your PC or from your smartphone. Uploading clips for putting together is very simple, go straight to the combining page and click on the appropriate upload button, you can review all the possible ways of adding files.

2. Joiner settings

Video joiner settings

After addition the videos it’s necessary to wait a bit while your files are being processed, cleaned of errors, got ready for work. When this short process is over, all the uploaded files will appear in the comfortable editing area where you can set all the necessary parameters easily. To join the uploaded videos, there are three setting which are important, but absolutely simple:

Set the order of the clips by simply drag-and-dropping.
Duration of videos joining
Set an the transition effect duration.
Transition effect
The transition effect - simple transformation or some smart trick - is chosen by you, set the right style with a simple dialogue.

If you want to work on your clip in a deeper way, you can also cut all the added clips, set a variety of different effects, add labels and add high quality music for free.

3. Combining videos

Combine videos button

When all the preparatory actions are completed, press the final button to create a video. Very soon, you will be able to download you newborn combined video, post it on YouTube or on your social network pages.

Combining is easy!

In general, combining clips together into one with the help of our free online video editor is quite easy using any device with an access to the Internet - it may be a PC, an intelligent Apple iPhone or your favorite Android-based tablet. To do that you won’t need any downloaded software for editing.