How to register in the movie maker

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Do I need to register?

No, you don't need to sign up to enjoy the basic features.


What if you're a Christopher Columbus of sorts: you started creating a video, paused to make a voyage to America, and then decided to finish the clip? If you didn't sign in to a registered account before getting at your video, you can't access it on a different computer. But when you're a registered user, you can just sign in to your account again and get on with the work, adding new videos from your journey!

What if you started making a video on your laptop in a cafe but someone stole your laptop? Or you've spilled a cup of coffee all over it and have to wait to get the device repaired... Your work is lost. However, if you were creating a video as a registered user, you can simply continue working on it using any other device with Internet access!

And there are thousands of other reasons to create an account...

Hopefully, we've managed to convince you!

The following registration options are available to you:


An email address and a password. Most importantly, do your best when it comes to password complexity so that no ill-minded person can guess it. A classic of the genre, there's nothing to add.

Social media

At the registration page, click on the Facebook,, YouTube or Twitter icon. Complete the authentication procedure and use the same sign-in method on all other devices, if necessary.

We do not keep any secret data for hacking into your social media account. It's technically impossible.

Registration, a video tutorial