How to add blur in the movie maker online

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While walking the wild South American jungle and doing his favorite thing – defeating enemies – Machete encountered Freddy Krueger. He had something to grumble about to Freddy. When Machete decided to merge several videos into a compilation of his most vibrant fights and upload them on YouTube, it all was in vain. YouTube limited his access and forbade him from sharing his video clips.

“Freddy, I wanted to show the world the masterpieces I had shot in the wild jungle. I made several videos in the movie maker online, since no one can slash his machete as effectively as I do, but YouTube restricted access for me,” Machete began his sad story.
“You're totally crazy,” Freddy flew into a passion. “Well, yeah, you're crazy, but that's not what I'm talking about. You should be glad your account wasn't suspended. Most video hostings have rules forbidding videos that contain scenes of violence and other fierce mischiefs.”
“Really? And what am I supposed to do?”
“Do you want to find out how to add the blur effect in the movie maker online, so that YouTube accepts the result of your efforts?”
“But if you blur it, no one will be able to see the tiniest details of what happened!”
“Exactly! That's what the blur effect was invented for. There's no other way!
“Okay, show it to me!”

blur in movie maker

Adding the blur

Imagine we want to compose a video from several files. There are many ways to apply the blur effect:

Blurring the whole video

If you want to blur the entire video, then go to the general properties and click on the filters. Select the blur filter and set the necessary parameters. In this case, the blur effect will be applied to all videos in the main video sequence.

Blurring the main video sequence, background or text

The same method allows blurring the main video sequence, the background or the subtitles separately. You just need to set the corresponding filters for the main sequence, the background or the text.

Blurring a single file

If you want to blur only one component of the video, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the editor: first, click on the file; then, press the edit button .
  2. In the editor, add the blur effect as necessary. You can apply it to all types of graphic objects: videos, photos and images, GIF animations, subtitles and text.
  3. The next step is to set the blur depth.

To understand everything better, Machete watched the tutorial video and looked through the lesson on applying effects and filters.

Blur parameters

The blur effect has only one property: depth. When its value is 0, there's no blur. The higher the value, the more blur, up to the point where your video becomes a sequence of varicolored spots that move to the musical accompaniment.

Machete decided to learn not only how to add the blur effect but also how to use other features of the movie maker online. He was diligent at studying: