Some time ago, Winnie already happened to shatter all his honey pots and inquired how to reverse his video in the Online Movie Maker.

After that, he reconvened and finally made a video on high-speed honey eating. However, instead of a one-minute clip, Winnie shot one minute and a half. But the duration of the music he had prepared was precisely one minute. So, Winnie sent Christopher Robin the following message on Facebook:

“Hello, Christopher! How to spped up video in the Online Movie Maker?
Hi there, Winnie! Here's a step-by-step instruction for you, and a short tutorial video. Text me if you have any more questions! :)”

How to speed up

And here is the step-by-step instruction on how to speed up a video in the Online Movie Maker, which Winnie the Pooh received through a secret channel in Telegram.

  1. Select the file to be sped up; find and click the Edit button
  2. To speed it up or slow it down, use the speed parameter, young padawan.
    If its value is below one, it slows down; if the value exceeds one, the video is sped up.
The Total Duration value shows the final duration of the sped-up or slowed-down video clip.

Video Tutorial

And this is the secret video clip which Agent Winnie the Pooh received through an anonymous and totally encrypted Telegram channel on video making in the fairytale forest.