How to make a music movie with photographies interesting?

Drop videos, photos, music or GIF files here to upload is instrument, and it doesn't make good or bad movie, it's just online movie maker. Bad or cool is your job. We want let your ideas how to make your movie with photos more interesting, bright and beautiful.

Here we will tell you some tips on how to make beautiful clip, how to add attractiveness of your creation :) Photo slideshows is a memory, and the memory evokes emotions - it can make laugh children remembering good things, roar classmates when they see themselves with braids in old photos, enjoy friends thinking of a good journey.

How to choose photos?

To create an interesting music clip photos must be clear and varied. Blurred photos also can be place if they pass an interesting point that has not been preserved at the other picture, but most of the pictures should be clear. A lot of blurred pictures make you bad photographer, but photos - memory, who wants have blurred memory? ;)

Photos should be diverse. Do you want make a video of a lot of photos of your pleasant face? Change your mind! :) Even the closest friends and loved ones get tired continuously contemplate you in 5 minutes. Combine faces of your friends with landscapes, mix photographs of people and groups with photographs of environment, landscapes, sunsets, panorames.

Wanna use online movie maker to make video about your trip? You might use photos that you made yourself, and photographs of landscapes which you found on the Internet, using the search engine or photo hosting service. Just do not forget of copyright law.

Want to make a video for parents about their gorgeous baby? Alternate baby photos, where he is alone, with photos where he and his parents, baby with cats and dogs. Photos where he close-up with photos where he's in the park or just the beautiful scenery.

How to choose the music?

Music is a reflection of the soul and the current human condition. Absolutely difficult to guess who and what kind of mood will watch a clip. But there are general guidelines.

Any clip is like a little movie. Any movie should evoke emotions, and in any case it should not be boring. Under this optimal duration of your clip, like the song. Try to choose a musical composition, or a segment of music, of length from 2 up to 5 minutes, took less - the clip will be too fast, took more and movie might become boring.

What kind of music to choose? It is even harder. Exactly one, if you want to make a video that would like one person, you must consider what kind of melody he may like, even if you are very fond of a certain artist, it is not necessary use his song, clip is not for you, but for the other person. And if you are creating a video for the audience, think what tunes are popular with this group. Maybe it will be the top place in the charts, but possibly and something new. Exactly one, the music must match the mood what you want to create. If your clip will be sunsets and lovely landscapes - choose a quiet romantic melody, if a story of a recent trip with friends - something modern, fun, maybe a little aggressive - is what you need.

Experiment with making movie!

When you creating a video, do not forget to experiment. Download and save clips with different photo slideshows with different music, some may be more suitable, something less. Make several versions of the video, and then choose the best for distribution.

Enjoy and experiment! ;)