Charlie Chaplin

Once, at the dawn of the 20th century, when the cinema only made its first steps, Charlie Chaplin went, with his funny gait, to the Lumiere misters and asked:

- Hey, brothers! What’s up, dudes! I mean, bros, where can I download a program for creation of a movie from my fun pics?

The brothers were surprised and raised one eyebrow each, the one on the left his right, the one on the right his left, and said:

- Dear Charlie, it’s already the 20 century, the Wright brothers had almost launched their airplane, in 60 years Gagarin will fly into space, and do you still download unverified programs from unreliable sources?

- Charlie, my friend, you should stop and use the excellent online video editor, it will help you to create a cool music clip online and for free, either from the PC or your smartphone!

Let’s get down to business, the director! To create a slideshow, advertisement, animation or presentation from photos, start by adding all necessary files to the video maker:

1. Adding from the PC, iPhone

It’s incredibly easy to add files, use the standard file selection dialog that is opened with the Upload button.

If the files are located on different devices, and the movie maker’s page is opened only on one of them, the files can be added from various devices

2. Free pictures

Make a video clip or a presentation more interesting by using beautiful landscapes from royalty free photo stock, they will look good as the background.

Adding is extremely simple, enter the required topic into the appropriate field or select among the suggested, and then click on the one you liked if you want to add them to the Video Editor.

3. Photos from Facebook and Vkontakte

There is no need to download pictures to your computer and then upload them to the video maker. You just need to go through a fast and simple authorization in order to create any music slideshow and animations with photos from Facebook and

Don’t worry about your login and password, we won’t be able even technically to use them without your notice. You won’t get any spam from us, in the spam case, social networks react fast and close the access!

4. Photographs from the internet

With our interesting lesson for hackers, you’ll be able to download any files from the internet to create your own music clip.

But be extremely careful when you download files from the net, images are protected by the copyright law, and it often happens that they cannot be used without special permit, especially in commercials!

5. Editing

You may overlay a text, add free music and various effects to the uploaded pictures.

If you want to make a movie from photographs just like Charlie Chaplin, you’ll get the assistance of our lessons about creating an old movie effect and Black-and-White clips.

Basic functions of movie editor.

6. Make and publish

When all the editing and setting of your film are completed, press the button Create a Video, and after some time you’ll be able to watch, download and publish it.

This service helped Charlie so much that he sent his film made from photographs to all his friends, and those friends shared it with their friends, there were so many friends that Charlie was invited soon to appear in the movie and he became the beloved star!

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