Make a video from photos

To make video from photos drop your photos here

How to make a video from a photo?

The lesson clearly shows how to create video from photos for free using the online video editor.

All what you need is your photos, browser and about 5 minutes:

  • How to add photos from your local device and from social networks.
  • How to use added photos as a background or add beautiful photos from the free collection.
  • How to make a video with transitions and visual effects.

A separate lesson is devoted to adding music - how to make a video from photos with music?

1. Add photos

Add photos and music from local device (PC, Mobile), Facebook or from free photos and music collections:

Use the upload button to add photos from your computer, tablet, Apple iPhone or Android.

Hit the FB button to add photos from Facebook.

Add beautiful photos and nice music for the background from free collections.

Type your text in the field and then click the plus sign on the right to add.

How to download videos and pictures from the Internet? Become a hacker !
Add files from different devices is easy too.
Make a video from photos - add files

2. Editing video from photos

All uploaded files appear on the main layer of ​​the video editor.

Drag files to set order.

Click the editor button to set custom properties for each file or set common properties per layer.

To drag and drop on touch devices (phone, tablet) press and hold for half of a second until a noticeable frame around the file appears.

Learn more about the basic features of the online video editor.

Create a video from photos - editing

3. Duration of photos

Duration of each photo and text calculates automatically according to the minimum duration parameter and total duration of music. And anyway you can set the duration of a single file:

  • Drag the slider with an arrow at the bottom of the file .
  • Set the desired value by clicking on the file, then open the editor with the button and then set the duration/time parameter.

To automatically crop music by main layer duration turn on "Crop by main" parameter.

Create a video from photos - duration

4. Transitions to create a video from photos

Transitions are set for each layer - background, main, text or for an individual file using the editor button on the file.

The transition consists of:

Duration of the appearing/disappearing of an object from the frame
From where object come from and where the object disappears.
Before the appearing and after the disappearing.
Mask of the appearing of the object in the frame
To turn off transitions set duration to 0.
Make video from photos - transitions

5. Effects to make video from photos

Each layer - background, main, text or the entire video can have set of visual effects. For example, black and white, sepia, cartoon, animation, old film, etc.

To set general effects, use the settings of each layer, and to set effects for a separate file clicking the editor button on the file and set effects parameter.

A whole lesson is devoted to visual effects - how to make a video with effects.

Create a video from photos - effects

​​6: Make video from photos with background

Use any file as a background - drag the file to the left, onto the background layer.

Also you available to add beautiful photos from the ​free collection.

To blur background add "blurrer" effect.

Music for video White Cat - Upbeat and Energetic Corporate Pop.

7. Making and publishing movies

Make video from photos

When editing is finished, feel free to click the Create a video button.

Download and inappropriately publish your slideshow on YouTube.