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Before you will learn how to make photo slideshows you should make up your mind what you are you going to get exactly and what kind of options do you have. There are two possible ways for you to do that: you can either buy a professional application with a great variety of different effects and options or download movie maker for free. The second variant is not worse then the first one, and despite the fact that there are not so many alternative programs propagating in a free mode there are still some programs you can choose from.

You should definitely use our application and you will not have to install anything.

Movie maker

It is one of the most famous, with extremely simple in usage and informative menu and a full set of, basically, basic functions for making photo slideshows. In this program you can simply add a ready clip, separate pictures or cadres, and also music track. There if also another available options for the user to decide on transitions frames, apply special effect, create titles and other effects. You can add starting materials to the timeline, besides this clip maker tool gives you a possibility to preview your material.

One should also pay attention to the pay bar, that makes the creation of photo slideshows with music much simpler, especially for beginners. You can either make a professional quality film or an amateur material, there is a useful option of receiving a recording from digital or analog camera, and another option of cutting a video or music file is present.

You should discover how to download and install Windows Movie Maker.

All the actions are presented to you as an adding of the thumbnails to the timeline, which makes it simpler to find your own mistakes during work. There are no exceptions in formats of uploading files but it would be better to avoid uploading of pictures and clips in a Full HD format - you should realize that before downloading clips maker for free. You can not upload you clips directly from the program to the social networks. There are also some flaws in this program, for example, you should notice the lower quality of uploading tracks, or some difficulties working with cadres, especially with the display of messages about them, but all of it can be compensated with rich variety of effects, especially if we will take into account that this clips editing software is widespread for free.


This application is perfect for making homemade photo slideshows, mainly because it does not require any spiel skills with this kind of programs. After you will start the software you will be offered to open the last file that was used earlier for making slideshows clips, and besides you will have an opportunity to choose the kind of mode - simple or full-screened. Besides all that, a user can choose from the beginning the desired format, there is even a possible options of working with formats of 16 to 9. Traditionally at first one should pick the formats for pictures and files and after that music track is added to the timeline, and afterwards you can move directly to the editing. How to make a photo slideshows of a high-quality? You have to add a unique transition, edit the music so it coincides with the timing of the clips, make several titles, etc.

The source material you can get apart form the simple upload from your computer directly out from the camera, obviously you can even make slideshows with photos and music. There is also presumed the option of editing files especially music tracks, and beside the user can use the option of image rotation, its movement by the timeline, adding of the transparency to individual cadres or other effects. Ir does make sense to download movie maker for free because Wondershare has an option of optimizing your project to tablets and smartphones. One could not but admire the useful option of direct uploading of your clip to Youtube basically right from the utility, that is actually very simple. You can record you project on DVD as a ready image. In this video editing software the editing of music should be made separately. You can not load large files to this slideshow maker, it simply starts slowing down after that.

VSDC Video Editor Free

It is a very plain program for making slideshow movies, so before learning how to make a slideshows movies with this program you do not have to look through manual or watch special training lessons. The process of making slideshows movies using this utility is actually very pleasant, not regarding that this video editing is actually semiprofessional it has plenty of functions that you may find really helpful. If you are hesitating about whether you should download movie maker for free or not, do not over think it. To begin with you should select important options for your future project, including resolution, frame rate, etc. and after that a familiar toolbar, timeline and preview window will appear.

Before you will discover how to make a slideshows movies you will be glad to know that there are no limitation for what you should pay in order to unlock it. There are plenty of functions for montage and editing in this program - like creating of transitions and adding of titles, and working with music, including editing. If you need to make a homemade conversion, you can do it without any trouble. The soft itself is pretty «easy», but the process of making slideshows movies can be made just using 32-bit PC, so powerful PCs with this program for the movie itself will not be useful.


Much more professional movie editing software is considered to be MAGIX. It is very obvious that for the beginner the process of making clips with this program will seem too complicated. You can see it clearly that in this software user’s abilities are not limited at all. Flexible settings are turning the process of making homemade photo slideshows with music into a very simple action. Primarily you should decide on the parameters of your project, and after that the edition of the material will follow. In this program there is a standard division of separate modules with the help of which it is really easy to edit music, cadres and others. One can even create the slideshows movies with photos and music with the help of Photoshop, and there is also no need to convert anything.

You can receive your starting material for editing and following making of photo slideshows just from your monitor, web-camera or tv tuner. This program can even wok with starting movies immediately and that can save you some time on making slideshows clips. Before you will find out how to make a photo slideshow with music you can connect plagins for working with pictures and sounds. There is also an option of hardware-accelerated clips available, the editing of surround sound and writing clips to the Blu-Ray-discs. The order of the actions has not been changes: at first one may upload a source file and then they will be edited by a user.

You can assume that there are not many ways to download movie maker for free but it is not true. A lot of them has trial versions, after which you should obligatory buy a full-version. But for a homemade usage you will be completely satisfied with simple programs without subscription.

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