Our friendly and easy mega service lets you make video with photos. But photos is just photos, but as always wants more fun. How to solve that problem? How to make new slideshow more interesting? Right! You should add favorite music. Your video will become more interesting and impressive to friends of you, they will join to the singing maybe, when they watch your funny faces from last weekend. Well, start.

How to make a photo slideshow with music? It's simple. The most difficult step in this, select the music, but in this, we will unfortunately not be able to help. Because favorite music style very different and advice something may seem very strange. In general, follow for your hear! Once you have selected the music, you should upload them. To do this, you just have drag-n-drop it on upload button or click on this button with left mouse button and select music using standard file open dialog. After selecting your music will start uploading to server automatically. Wait a bit, the music is usually take much more volume than photos and uploading process can seem a little longer.

select part of music record to make movie

When the music uploaded, we'll show you your file in the form of waveform diagram which help you understand what and where in that song plays and sings. Why would you need that? You may want to use the record as a whole, but more likely that you select only the more interesting part, discarding all superfluous; To find interesting part, you could click the diagram in the right spot and it will start playing from the selected time. Use mouse to select necessary part, drag the two sliders, they indicate the beginning and end of the interesting part of your music record that you want to use.

You may set duration of each frame of your new movie By default duration fields empty, it means we will make clips with automatically selected duration of each item without duration. To do this we take full duration of your music, cut off summarily time of frames which have own time (in input fields) and divide on number of rest frames. For example: if you select a part of music record with duration of 25 seconds and you have 3 photos and one of the photos have duration for 5 seconds, then each of the remaining two photos will be displayed to (25 - 1 *5) / 2 = 10 seconds.

If you want music doesn't start dramatically and volume increases smoothly and seamlessly at the end, then check the appropriate checkboxes.

As you can see answer to question "How to make a video with music?" very simple and friendly. Enjoy!

p.s Want publish and share? Know how to make movie for youtube!