How to insert music in a video?

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Given: interesting video.

Problem: insert music in a video on a specific time position.

Solution: insert music in a video with MovieMakerOnline video editor online, easy, fast and free.


  1. Add a video and music file to the main page of the video editor using the add files button.
  2. Click on the music file then click the music editor button .
  3. Move the sliders to select the desired fragment in the opened editor.
  4. Return to main editor.
  5. Click on the file with the music.
  6. Click the hold button .
    Now the file is tied to the selected position. Move the file relative to the video to set the desired moment of appearance.
  7. Check out result with preview .
  8. When done, click "Create Video".


How to insert music from another video?

Select the desired part of the video to insert and drag the video to the soundtrack (to the left part of editor area). So the video editor uses the sound of this video and ignores the video sequence.

How to change the volume of the music?

  1. Click on the sound file.
  2. Click the open editor button .
  3. Set the desired value of "volume" parameter in the editor that opens.