Our movie maker will help to merge two and more videos into the one online and for free.

If one clip has to be as background, and another one should be on the tip, as the effect “picture in the picture”, then read on. If you need to join the files sequentially, one by one, as the two stories, read another assistance page.

Start the merge from adding files to be merged.

1. As background

Make one out ow two merged videos as background by dragging the selected clip to the left side, in the background area.

If you want to blur the background partially, set the appropriate value.

Leave the second, main in the main sequence by setting the desired region to it.

2. Picture in the picture

Almost everything is the same as in the previous method, but for the main clip during the region’s selection, manually select the desired area in the lower part of the region’s dialog.

Also, the fit feature will come in handy to determine how the selected clip will fit in a given region, whether edges are clipped or appear in it entirely.

3. 2 and more

To combine more than two files, use the function of setting the region and fit for every single file separately.

To do this, hover your mouse over the clip (or click) and click the Edit button .

Then, in the editor, set the desired region and fit for each clip.

4. Photos, text, effects

This way may be used not only to combine the video clips, but photos, animations, slideshows and presentations, and adding advertising text or congratulations, together and separately.

You may add various visual effects, change the volume or trim every combined element.

5. Download the merged one

Click the make button and follow the instructions to start the combination process and download after.