How to combine videos in movie maker

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Christopher tried to diversify his lessons on the movie maker as best he could. However, his immense laziness got the best of him occasionally, and then he approached the promised lectures in a formal manner. One of such occasions was the lesson on how to combine videos in the movie maker.

Christopher appeared so happy that he did not care about doing anything. In addition, he had already demonstrated how to join and merge videos as part of the previous lessons.

Without further ado, Christopher got down to business.

One after another

  1. Add your video clips.
  2. Combine two videos with no transitions
    Set the duration of the appearance and disappearance effects at 0 seconds.
    Combine 2 videos with transition effects
    Tinker with the scale and duration parameters and choose the suitable effects.
  3. Click on the Create Video button!

One over another

  1. Add your video clips..
  2. Drag the underlying video to the background video sequence field.
  3. For the overlying video clip, click on the Edit button In the video editor, set the region and the way the clip should fit into the region. You can set these parameters globally, for all video clips of the main sequence.
  4. Click on the Create Video button!