How to join video in Movie Maker

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Winnie loved both honey and his friends very much. Sprawling out on the couch after a copious honey dinner, he pondered the beautiful. His sawdust-filled head came up with the idea of making a cut-together video of a variety of funny situations that had happened to his dear friends.

He grabbed the tablet, Piglet, a jar of honey and went to Mr. Robin for advice.

On his way, Winnie ate all the honey and lost Piglet, which made him grumpy. Having arrived at Christopher's, the teddy bear was unceremonious and kicked the door open. He immediately notified Christopher of his urgent need to understand how to join videos in the movie maker.

Mildly speaking, Christopher was shocked by such a turn of events. However, as a poker player, he made a poker face and pretended that nothing happened.

You can also have a look at the notes on merging and combining videos. ;)

Video Tutorial

It turned out that the process of joining videos is very simple. Christopher demonstrated how to join 2 videos, and the resulting video tutorial is the best proof of its simplicity.


First of all, Christopher added all the videos.

Then he explained that if the video clips need to be cropped, you have to work with each of the videos individually. Just go to the editor by clicking the Edit button that is found on the video. In the editor, you should move the sliders to select the suitable cropping moment.

If you want to cut out a few moments from the video, you first need to clone the video with the button. Then you need to crop each of the cloned clips to the desired moments with the help of the editor.

Transition animations

If you want to join videos with the use of a transition animation, you should set the necessary parameters:

  • Transition effect
  • Directions of appearance and disappearance of the video
  • Duration of the transition
  • Initial and final scale

If you set these parameters using the global settings, the transition animation will be selected randomly for each of the videos.

If you want to set up a specific animation for each file, you should adjust these parameters for each of the videos individually. To do this, click on the Edit button on the video and adjust each file's parameters in the Video Editor.

No transitions

If you want to join videos without any transitions, you should set the duration of the appearance and disappearance effect at 0 seconds.

It didn't take Winnie long to understand how to join two videos in the movie maker. However, a few more questions arose: