Transition animation

Transition animation

Appearance animation is responsible for the appearance of photos, videos and text in the frame. Animation can be set for the entire video series or for a separate file.

To add a transition animation, click on the animation for background, main video or text series, respectively and select the desired effect or several.

For a background, main series or text, you can set multiple animations at the same time. The specific animation will be assigned to each file in automatic mode from proposed.

To make animation for each file:

  1. Press on a file.
  2. Open the editor with the editor button .
  3. Select an animation in the "Appearance" parameter.

Motion animation

Motion animation

Similar to the transition animation from the previous chapter. Motion animation can be assigned for a background, a main video sequence, text or for an individual element.

During the selection arrows show from where the file will appear in the frame and where it will go.

If several directions are selected, the specific direction for each file will be selected automatically.

Video tutorial

The video tutorial demonstrates how to choose motion and transition animation.