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Almost every modern person working on the computer for several hours a day knows situation when there is a need to record screen. Time after time there is a need to demonstrate the process of installing or running of a specific application, or there is a need to create your own how to's. Moreover, the number of gamers who want to demonstrate to the army of their fans the way they pass another popular game with personal commentaries (the so-called letsplays) is permanently increasing. However, many Internet users don’t know how to make a video. Standard software of your OS doesn’t contain the application allowing you to perform this procedure. Fortunately, the Internet space has a large number of various programs creating movies in a very simple way on its virtual selves. In this article you will learn about some of them.

Free Screen Video Recorder

If you don’t know how to make a YouTube video, install recorder application. it is very popular, since with its small size (the latest version is only 18.5 megabytes) the utility has the proper minimum of functions for capturing screen. With the help of this application you will be able to record your entire desktop or the part of it after the previous selection of the necessary segment. In addition, recorder makes possible to take screenshots and send them to print without leaving the program menu. Among the advantages of this program are the easiness of management and the minimalism of interface that looks like a tiny panel on the desktop. This small panel takes control of the stream. Among the disadvantages of the utility is the poor choice of the output formats. To be perfectly honest, the application saves the files as avi* only. So, the final file can’t be played on some DVD players and iPods with internal codecs. The final movie itself has a very small size which leads to the poor quality. So, our verdict is that Free Screen Video Recorder is useful for small editing jobs when the quality of the material doesn’t really matter. If you want to create video in HD, don’t use it.


The program is very popular among the Internet users who know the exact answer to the question “how to make a video?”

Among the advantages of this application are:

  • compact size
  • comfortable performance
  • no special demands to PC characteristics.

In fact, VirtualDub is a video editing software which main function is to create and edit videos; the ability to capture screen is its secondary function. But this is quite enough to save files as avi*, mpg*, divx*, mpeg*. In addition, after the capturing of the file you will have a small lab for editing. If you learn to work in it properly, you will be able to create videos of the impressive quality you won’t be ashamed to show even at your friend's wedding. The main advantage of VirtualDub is the ability to change the movie in a multi-layered way for many times without recompression of data, with the preserving of the original quality.


This is a sort of “megalodon” of its kind among the programs specializing in capturing screen and photo slideshow maker. This is the omnivorous and powerful predator allowing you to create screenshots, record screen, capture online streams, flash games, save YouTube clips. The user has the opportunity to choose the format for saving the file to create a movie with size and quality he likes which will as comfortable as possible for him. The application supports almost all the most popular formats for those who are used to create home movies. The limited functionality of the application is directly connected with the functional limitations of your computer or laptop. The utility does not set limits on the duration of the final file, so it will be recording your file until the user cancel the task or until the computer reaches its last megabyte. Bandicam is perfect for letsplays, because it supports resolutions up to 2560x1600. However, the movie created by this utility has not a very large size which affects the quality of the final file in the minimal way. The program’s native interface is in English, but due to the fact that the Russian crack can be easily found in the Internet even the persons who are not very good in English can use Bandicam. The only disadvantage of this program is that it is not free, it costs about forty dollars.


The eternal rival of Bandicam. It’s quite effective and versatile. It’s perfect for people who don’t know how to make a video with the help of the process of capturing their desktop, but want it to be beautiful. The movies recorded by this program have a large size, so their quality is at the highest level. You can use it to create a high-quality how to's at home. The program interface is quite intuitive, the sound quality is rather good. Of course, these figures are impossible without significant loads for your OS. Indeed, Fraps is a very heavy tool, so if you are an unhappy owner of a weak PC - get ready for the problems while recording. This program is not free, just as like Bandicam.

How to make a video at home?

It’s a very common situation when one program for capturing screen is not enough for you, because in the process of viewing the recorded material you will certainly find out that the part of it is real rubbish which is necessary to get rid of. In that case you need video editing software. Among the standard applications inside of Windows you can find Movie Maker. It is quite simple, to be perfectly honest, it’s primitive. The output file will be, to put it mildly, of poor quality. You can also use such an online function as an online video editor. Thanks to it you can perform the creation of the movie in the Internet without having to install additional applications on your PC. The only requirement for the use of online programs is a reliable Internet connection and high speed. But if you want to learn how to make a movie quite beautiful, install the professional editor, for example, Sony Vegas or Pinnacle Studio. Thanks to these programs you will be able not only to correct defects in your recording, but also apply various filters and effects to the recorded file. You can also add the animated transitions, relevant titles and to create a huge number of tracks.