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Vblogs are rapidly gaining world-wide popularity. And for that reason the question, how to make a video is as relevant as never. And today we will try to answer this question not only from theoretical but even from practical point of view, by looking through popular video editing softwares and demanded platforms for posting future masterpieces.

High-quality or how to make a remarkable msuic clip using your computer?

To make music clip is very difficult but possible. For doing it you will need particular knowledge, action plan and a application. The process of preparing the material and recording it directly consists of following steps:

  • Searching and processing of the material
  • Technical settings
  • Direct recording of the visual and music streams
  • Montage of the future youtube video
  • Posting your clips on the web

And talking about video editing software, one can use either a multifunctional software for professionals or online video editor. The first variant will be prefect for those who is determined to make high-quality clips. But online solution - is a perfect for a quick processing and montage. In this case we advice you to use our online video editor.

How to make a full lesson with the help of Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio - is a professional clip maker application, with different useful tools for recording what is happening on the monitor of your computer. This software allows you to create videos of different sorts:

  • How to clips
  • Photo slideshows
  • Creation of presentation
  • Announcements
  • Congratulations

Nowadays Camtasia Studio has a great number of different versions, among which the sixth version is worthy of your attention. Mainly because it is high-functional and easy to use, the same can not be said about well-known Movie Maker. You may find on the internet a lot of training courses, that demonstrate for free how to make a video, a beautiful one using Camtasia Studio. Basically the whole process of making the video on this platform consists of three steps:

  • Recording a from a desctop
  • Edit the received material
  • Save the project on your computer in a necessary format

How to make a movie in Camtasia Studio?

After you open application you have to press the icon that says «Record the screen». Before recording a lesson you have to select the size of the recording, and also adjust the microphone and web camera. After that you may proceed with recording pressing «Rec» button or a hotkey F9. The process have begun, if you want to pause it you will have to press a hotkey F9 again. And to finish the recording you have use a hotkey F10.

Then we move on to saving the project using the menu item «Save and Edit». In future you may edit a received document, and save it in any available format.

Several tips on how to make a movie or how to make a professional movie with the help of the tool Camtasia Studio:

  • Try not to be distracted, while recording so there will not be any absurd pauses.
  • All the templates will be better to save in a separate folder, this way you won’t have to search for necessary files during your recording.
  • If you have some problems with outlining the text information, then you can use a pause for a while. And after you will find your train of thought then you should get back to presenting a material.

How to make a movie montage and edit the project?

As well as other, video editing software can be classified into paid or free utilities. Regardless of commercial status the selection is great, however, not all of the softwares fulfill the necessary requirements. In order for us to avoid all the unpleasant surprise, we will follow the path of least resistance editing a received recording in familiar Camtasia Studio.

Working principle here is just as easy, as in recording from the screen. In the special track you should place a clips, musics, text and visual effects. And after such simple manipulation a full movie will be created.

Let’s begin:

  1. Open the software.
  2. With the help of menu «Import media» we are selecting a created project that was made for editing and pressing «Open».
  3. The filed that just opened you should drag to the trek, specifying the resolution.
  4. It will be better to leave the resolution that was offered to you during recording.
  5. And the same way all the additional files to a future project are importing.
  6. All the information on every trek can be edited, cutting out the fragments and adding visual effects for smooth transitions between frames.
  7. When everything will be ready you have to save the final sequence in the format that will be suitable for posting your movie on the internet. It can be done using the button «Produce and share»,that allows to choose a format of the recording.
  8. The next step will be to come up with a title and choose a folder for saving.
  9. After that press «Finish» and wait till your movie will be saved.

How to make a youtube movie?

Now you can share with the audience of a great and powerful Youtube. WE have chosen this resource mainly due to its popularity all over the globe and outstanding number of visitors. Because in this day and age every child knows hot to download from Youtube, and it is a significant step to fame. Subsequently posting your project on Youtube you can not only save some disk space, but also attract unlimited traffic to a certain resource or brand. And another advantage of this hosting if the confirmation of authorship, that is given to you immediately after creating an account.

For adding a movie you should follow these simple instructions:

  • Login in your Google account and go to Youtube
  • Then go to the menu «My channel» and use the button «Add»
  • With the help a very simple interface you will have to choose a project on your computer
  • Now you must decide on the memorable title for your music clip and create an intriguing description according to CEO rules
  • After you are finished with that you should click «Post»

Congratulations, now you are a brand-new representative of the multimedia blogger!