A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Right after taming the fire and inventing the Internet, when, instead of the optical fiber, people used internet with the assistance of modems that loved vile squeaking during connection...

When the Papuans bought coconuts for stones with holes, competing in advertising by determining who shouts louder in the local market...

The volume of transmitted data was limited, and only a few could afford waiting a day or two until the site’s page with a heavy video clip opens...

But there was the desire to make the animation on the page, that’s why the gif animation from photos and video, fragments of commercials, greetings and presentations, with the most interesting moments, gained the popularity in the internet.

Since then, the interned is flooded with trillions of gif images, and the opposite problem has appeared - how to create a video clip from gifs.

1. Adding gif images

In order to add gif images and photographs to the animation maker from the local PC, Android or iPhone, use the Upload button.

If the desired gif images are still on the pages in the internet and you don’t know how to download them, read our interesting tutorial that is full with hacking techniques for adding animation files and more to the editor from the internet pages, but don’t use files added that way in advertising, due to the limitations imposed by the copyright law.

2. Editing

You may edit the uploaded gif images the same way as the fully-featured clips. Change the sequence order, apply the text, trim, add music in order to create stunning greetings or short advertisements.

Share video from gif on youtube

3. Creation and publication

When all operations are completed, simply click "Make a video from the gif" in the editor.

After a little while, the completed movie can be added directly to the YouTube and social networks or simply downloaded to send a greeting to your friend, inserted into the presentation or used for advertising.