How to add a background in the movie maker

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All paintings of the greatest artists have a background. (Thanks, Cap!)

As an integral part of a masterpiece, it helps to emphasize the main idea and draw attention to details. However, the background itself often contains quite a lot of entertaining details, jokes, and ideas. Let's work on the background, too.

Auto background

This is done with the help of the Auto switch.

Once added, all the image files appear in the main video sequence. If there isn't any image or video to the left of the uploaded file, the background is created from the current frame of the main sequence by means of proportional stretching.

Manual background

To set a specific image or video as the background, simply drag-and-drop the file to the left.

Then, just like in the main video sequence, drag-and-drop the items up and down to change their position in the sequence.

If you need the file to remain in the main video sequence as well, clone it. Click on the file, find and press the cloning button . It'll create a copy of the file, preserving every setting you've adjusted. After that, simply drag-and-drop the copy to the background video sequence.

Background parameters

Enjoy as much reign over the background as Caesar did over Rome, without any restrictions! Set appearance and disappearance effects, the duration of effects, and the scale. Very frequently, the background needs to be blurred or darkened. All the available effects are applicable to the background.

If you don't have any beautiful images and videos yet, add them from the free collection offered by the Pixabay photo bank or download some from the web using our guidelines.