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How to add animated gif

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Found a funny GIF and want to use it in your video?

Need to add a groovy music track and share it on YouTube as a separate video clip, simple and easy?

Looking for a way to put a GIF in your video faster than your coffee has time to brew?

Here you go, we've created the online movie maker video editor for you! Feel like a master of animation transformation!

Adding animated GIFs

  1. At the video editor's page, press the add button and select the animation.
  2. The animation will appear in the editing area.
  3. That's it, your GIF has been added :)
Instead of clicking back and forth in small and annoying dialog boxes, simply drag-and-drop the animation to the movie maker's page..

For ultimate clarity, we've made a short video clip demonstrating how it's done, step by step!

Adding GIF animations from the web

To add a GIF file from the web, you first need to download it. After reading the detailed instructions we've prepared, you'll become a real hacker that can download any files from the Internet! :)

Download various files from web pages, but be aware of the smiting sword of copyright!

Even the best wizards out there had less power over animations than you do with our online movie maker:

  • The GIF is added to the main video sequence; if you need to set it as the background, drag-and-drop the file to the left.
  • Change the order of GIF animations by simply drag-and-dropping them.
  • The GIF editor allows you to crop, speed up or slow down the animation.
  • You can add visual effects to each GIF.
  • Add beautiful subtitles over the GIF animation.