How to use Movie Maker Online

Drop videos, photos, music or GIF files here to upload

In this Manuscript, Owl recorded Christopher Robin's second lesson on how to use the movie maker online.

Owl loves to demonstrate the first lesson on adding files and the third one on movie making as such.

1. Composing

All the files you've uploaded can be used in the editor of the movie maker online. The editor consists of several vertical areas:‚

Music track
The leftmost part shows the music track. Here goes any song, music or sound you upload. Further, you can compose and edit them.
The second row, a bit to the right, is the background video sequence, where you can see the files added from the free collection. You can also drag-and-drop any other graphics files to this field.
Main video sequence
The third, penultimate row is the main video sequence. All the photos and videos you upload from your computer, phone, and social media account go here.
Caption text
The last row contains the text. Here go all the captions and subtitles you add.

As for creating a transition from one file to another, we will review this topic in a separate lesson.

2. Editing

You can drag around, swap and edit all your files to create a funny story familiar to the forest inhabitants.

Select a specific file by clicking on it. You'll see several completely non-fairytale buttons:

Time of appearance
Sits in the upper left corner of the file. Indicates that you've set a specific appearance time. Click on it one more time to return to Auto.
Takes you to the file editor where you can:
Rotate, flip
Use it to rotate the element or flip it left to right or upside down. Winnie, you're gonna find this button particularly handy! ;)
Click to clone the file in the editor and create its completely identical copy.
Click to delete the file.
Applicable to photos, pictures, and text. Can be found at the bottom of the file. Choose a file to see it. To set the duration of the file's on-screen time in the final video, simply drag this button. To return to the Auto duration, press this and choose "Use default".

3. Settings

A few minutes ago I already explained that each file can be edited. Just select it and click on the edit button .

But this isn't necessary in case you want to set the same parameters for all elements. Just adjust the general parameters for all files. They'll be set for the music track, the background, the main video sequence, and the subtitles.

If you don't understand what a parameter is for, click on its name to see a concise hint.

If you wish, you can set up global parameters for the entire video.

Minimum duration
If the duration of the text and images is determined automatically (that is, the user hasn't adjusted it manually), it cannot be less than this value.
Global filters that apply to the entire final video clip.

In his third and final lesson, Christopher will show where you can use the video making button.

While Christopher was delivering the second lesson, the impatient animals asked him a lot of questions: