Movie Maker Online: features

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Video Editor - free vertical video editor:

  • The file below appears in the frame after the file above.
  • The file to the right overlaps the file to the left in the frame.
  • Timeline scale.


Music, background, main, text - layer names are completely arbitrary, drag and drop and arrange files however you want.


Style, position of files in the frame can be set for the entire layer or more priority for a separate file:


  • Drag the slider to trim video and music, or set the duration for text and photos.
    Click the slider to go to the trim wizard, where you can specify the exact start and end times:
    • Start playback.
    • Reset value to initial value.
  • Files stick one after another by default: enable position hold and the file will be fixed to the selected position relative to the timeline (up-down).
  • File position in the frame and style, rotation, reflection, transitions, text size and color, volume, vice versa...
  • Clone a file.
  • Delete a file.
  • The duration of the appearance effect.
  • The duration of the fade effect.


  • Double click on the preview image to play the video you are creating.
  • Drag the preview image up and down to select the moment you want