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We made our service to help you make movie online. It's very simple and friendly. Just upload your photos and music to make movie online. Here you will get a short tour. If you get any problem with making movies, please, send us your feedback this full description of happened problem and be sure we will solve it. Enjoy! ;)

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The Movie maker is the software that is used for making the movies, rearranging of photographs and it also used for making presentations. The software is very easy to use; but the user should the proper way to use the software. The software is pre installed software and comes along in Windows XP operating system. There are many versions of Windows Movie maker. Most of the versions can be downloaded from the internet for free. In the movie maker software the user can not only record but also can do editing of clips as per their requirement. It is the most commonly used software for making across the world.

Those who have the talent and passion for making movies can get a lot more from the online software. The advanced version of Microsoft Windows XP software helps the user in making excellent music clips and they can be shared on the internet online portals. All your family members, friends can watch the movie and you can showcase your talent across the net. The movie maker is considered as the most sophisticated tool for editing the movie online. The online music movies made with the help of this software can be stored on CD and DVD on published on youtube

The other feature available in the Windows movie maker is the user can insert the music files. The music files increase the quality. It is also possible to insert the recorded music file in the software. It is very easy to apply music and can be placed where ever the narration is required. Once the music are inserted the user can create some more extra effects to enhance the movie further. The experts have commented that transitions are the right way for improving and modifying the video.

The movie maker works out to be excellent software for making. But every software has its own share of problems. The user might face problems of importing of files. There might be copyrights to certain sites which prevents the user from taking the music files or clips. There are times when the movie maker stops working suddenly and freezes and does not respond at all. When the files are incompatible the files do not respond and stop working. In such cases the user should search and export the files to the useable format that supports the software. There are certain music files that are not supported by the movie maker. The convertors for the files are available free online. It is advisable to buy a higher technical camera loaded with memory card.