How to add pictures in the movie maker

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Got over 9000 awesome pictures? It's high time to compose them into a music video and share it on YouTube!

When creating a video clip in the online movie maker, you can add images from all possible sources:

Next off, proceed to the processing and movie-making.

From PC, smartphone, tablet

Use the magic upload button to add images from any device, such as your personal computer, smartphone or tablet.

You can add pictures to one video from several devices. However, you need to be a registered user to upload all your pictures using one and the same account.

From social media

At a single button click, you can upload your photographs from a multitude of social media platforms:

Use the corresponding wizards which you can access by clicking on the links in the top part of the video editor page.

From a free photo stock

At the Pixabay free photo hosting, you can find high-quality photographs which you can use in your video masterpieces absolutely for free. The photo bank offers eye-appealing pictures, high-quality photographs, as well as illustrative vector art.

Picturesque landscapes and thematic pictures make for a perfect background.

The wizard for uploading free stock images.

From the Web

Found a beautiful image on the Interwebs? You can download any picture and add it to your video. First, right-click on the picture and choose one of the available context menu choices, then proceed as instructed below:

  • Select “Save as” to simply save the picture on your hard drive.
  • The “Open in new tab” menu choice allows checking if you've selected the right picture before saving it:
    1. Open the picture in a new tab of your web browser.
    2. Save the picture to your hard drive by selecting “Save as” in the “File” menu.
  • Select “Copy image URL” if you want to download the picture using a download manager. It copies the image link to your clipboard.

Having saved the picture, add it to the movie maker using the upload button.

If you're having any trouble or your right-click menu lacks the necessary choices, look through our detailed novice hacker's guide.

When you download pictures from the web, be aware of the copyright. You and only you bear full responsibility for the legal use of any materials!

Pictures processing

The uploaded photos appear in the main video sequence. You can edit them, change their sequence, set them as the background or add visual effects. Just click on the picture and find the edit button.

You can partially automate the movie-making process using the buttons such as Alphabetize, Random video or Music video. The last option, however, requires a music track.

In addition to images, you're free to use other videos, music tracks, add text, and have as much fun as you want: