How to make/create in the Movie Maker Online

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This is the last chapter of the course taught by Christopher Robin. He instructs Winnie the Pooh and all of them on how to make a video in the movie maker online.

In the previous manuscripts, Christopher explained how to add music, videos, photos and text and how to use the movie maker online to create and edit video clips.

1. Preview

To check if everything looks fabulous, use the preview. Click on the picture of a frame of the future video clip to see several seconds of the would-be final video.

Choose the time to start the preview from by dragging the preview icon. Or click on the desired position on the timeline.

2. Create and publish

When the fairytale forest residents are sure all settings have been set and all previews have been viewed...

It's time to make video and share the newly-created movie on the social media of the fairytale forest. Press the Create button, and in just a few seconds of making process you'll be able to download or publish your finished video.

During the long-drawn five minutes of questions from the audience, Christopher promised to tell everyone how to make a video in the movie maker online with various interesting effects: